A Little about A Simpler Time


Ours is a family-operated ranch in the hills of El Cajon about 30 min. from beautiful  San Diego, CA. Click here if you would like to see a map on how to get to our ranch.


We are able to give all of our alpacas plenty of individual attention and lots of love because this is a small operation. These adorable animals are a part of our family, and we provide them with the utmost professional veterinarian care and the finest feed and vitamin supplements, as well as plenty of exercise and fresh air.

We are very conscientious in developing long-term, one-on-one relationships with our (human) clients, because we view the placement of our alpacas as more than just a business transaction -- it is literally an adoption, We are available any time, day or night, for assistance, training, and follow-up advice long after the sale to ensure that you have continuous, reliable support. Our bottom line; WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and will do everything possible to ensure that you and your animals thrive. This follow-up care is one of our biggest selling points- a feature that most large breeders cannot offer. The following is a list of the services we provide on full purchase price sales of female alpacas. Not all items will be included in "on sale" purchases. On sale purchases include only the items stated at the time of the "on sale" purchase.


First-Time Buyers Bonus: First-time alpaca buyers may receive a complimentary copy of "Caring for Llamas and Alpacas: A Health and Management Guide" by Dr. Clare Hoffman. Also included is a free halter and lead for full price female alpaca sales.


Registration and transfer fees: We will pay all ARI registration and transfer fees associated with animals purchased from A Simpler Time .


Guarantees on "A Simpler Time"  animals

We employ standard contracts developed by the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA), which are designed to protect both you and us in the event an animal exhibits signs of a physical flaw. We would be happy to provide you a copy of the specific contracts that we employ upon request, but in a nutshell, here is what those contracts guarantee:

Bred Females are guaranteed to deliver a live baby (cria). If that cria does not survive for at least 24 hours (assuming proper care on your part), we will re-breed the mother for free to your choice of any stud that we own (subject to availability).

Maiden Females are guaranteed to conceive no later than three years of age.

Stud-Quality Males are guaranteed to impregnate (to settle) a female no later than four years of age.

Fiber-Quality and Pet-Quality Males (whether gelded or not) are sold "as-is."


"Adoption" Policy: Because alpacas have strong bonding and herding characteristics, they generally thrive only when they have a companion animal (this is especially true for the females). A companion alpaca or llama works the best. We strongly encourage you to either purchase a "pet-quality" animal as a companion to your breeding-quality animal, or board your animals with other alpacas.  We would be delighted to assist you in locating  a pet-quality alpaca or llama or to provide boarding until you are ready to take your alpaca home. We are very concerned about the follow-up care that will be provided to these animals, so we therefore reserve the right to decline a sale if we do not believe the animal will receive proper care.


Delivery: Purchase price over $10,000 includes free delivery anywhere in the contiguous United States. Any animal over $5,000 but less than $10,000- delivery is still free within a 300 mile radius.


Photos, Fiber samples, fiber analysis reports, and Alpaca Registry, incorporated (ARI) registration certificates are available upon request. We sell and breed to ARI-registered Alpacas exclusively.


Boarding: We can provide boarding for animals at a cost of $3.50 per day.


Notes: An individual animal purchase of $10,000 and above from A Simpler Time  will be boarded free of charge at our ranch in El Cajon for up to 12 months. An individual animal purchase of $5,000 and above from A Simpler Time  will be boarded free of charge at our ranch in El Cajon for up to 6 months. Animals must be paid for in full before you may take possession and ARI certificate is released. Animals must have full mortality insurance (paid by purchaser) beginning on date of contract.